November 13, 2023

The three projects in the town of Mértola are making significant progress.

Ângulo Recto has four projects underway in the municipality of Mértola.

Nursing home: The project is nearing completion, with work underway both on the exterior, with the execution of the external arrangements in terms of paving and fencing, and on the interior, with the start of the assembly of carpentry, CF doors, aluminium frames and completion of the false ceilings and wall coverings.
ceilings and wall panelling.

Biological station: 60% complete - work in progress: Façade cladding (ETICS); HVAC; Electricity; Ceramics; Exterior window frames to be installed this month; Interior carpentry work to begin in November.

Heritage Centre and Gallery: 35% executed - work in progress:
Concrete; Metallic structure; Interior hydraulic networks and Ground floors.

São Domingos Mine Market: 30% complete - work in progress: Interior flooring; Exterior flooring; Electricity; HVAC; Hydraulics.

Caravan park: Finalised